What if.........I was taking a shower in the women's locker room, warm water trickling down my body. As I wash, you come in to take a shower as well, your naked body exposed before me, those tits perked up from the cold. I pretend not to notice, taking peeks when your eyes are turned the other way.

The shower sprays onto your body, wetting every inch. You turn around and bend down to reach for your shampoo, your sweet little cunt revealing itself. I can't look away, even if I tried. As you’re bent down, you turn your head, looking at me in disgust.

I'm stuck in place, aroused and embarrassed, my heart racing and my clit engorging. You rise up, walking slowly toward me with a look of disdain. Your hands reach around to grab my ass, pulling me close, my mouth already open from shock, while you insert your tongue, the warm water enveloping both of us. After a long, succulent kiss, you study my face, and say, “Let's put on a show that the boys will never see.”