I am your prey, you are my predator

I stand quietly, listening for your footsteps. My eyes are covered, lips curled around a ball gag. My legs are spread, inviting, and my wrists are bound above my head. I can't help the muffled yelp that follows the harsh caress of your flogger on my back; I hadn't heard you approach me. You step in close, your hands grasping my breasts firmly from behind. You pinch a nipple mercilessly and my pussy reacts immediately. If I could talk, I'd be begging you to fuck me, begging you to hit me again; begging you to claim your prize. You disappear just as quickly as you'd arrived and I'm left anticipating your next move. This is our favorite game; cat and mouse, wolf and lamb to slaughter. I am your prey, you are my predator.

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