PokeYouMan Passions

...Please extend this fantasy with me....
.....It had already been a great evening: I ambled home at 2am dripping with sweat, all of my muscles taut and alive. Hours of ecstatic dancing had burned off the delicious dinner devoured hours before, it’s savory flavours now just a tasty memory. As I guided my date home, arm in arm, volleying nuzzles and kisses back and forth in a mounting dance of foreplay I knew that I should be satisfied. But I couldn’t keep from thinking of you. You, who I could sense was so near. Step after step, I felt an inescapable pull towards you. Your invisible presence. I could feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand, alert. If only I could steal a glance. I fumble for my phone. I’ve seen you here before, have had you here before, taken aim and captured you entirely. We walk over that spot and suddenly I need you again. I lean down and kiss my date. We make eye contact and it’s the first moment that they see that they are not alone in my thoughts. Their eyes narrow. I smile, pleadingly. “Do you mind? It will only take a moment. I have to see if they’re around here.” Their eyes soften and then roll. “Ugh. Fine.”
 My heart sparks with excitement! I feel you near and I cannot wait to lure you, engage you, and dominate you as I have come to so need! I pull out my phone. In a matter of seconds I've located you. You’re down a nearby alley. It’s sketchy as all hell but I don’t care. I don’t think of protection at times like this. I loose myself to the moment. You reveal yourself. You’re a tall sprout, willowy and fair. Soft lovely petals. I see you like an overlay over everything. Someday I will teach you to be strong. I will keep you with me and give you experience beyond your wildest dreams. You will evolve into a creature hardly recognizable from the demure bud I see before me now. Tonight, it begins again.
I pull out my ball. Feel it’s weight in my hand. And I lob it at your head. An explosion covers your face and body with the magic from my ball and suddenly you are powerless. There is no escaping. You are mine. I need you. Again and again I need you. And tonight you are mine.